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Why education for collaboration matters

Every day, around our world, in small businesses and large, in communities and families, great ideas are born, and great ideas die. Mostly great ideas are born in a frenzy of excitement about potential – potential to capture a niche market in business, potential to revolutionise the way something is done, potential to unite people to a cause, potential to create something unique, potential to take a family to far away places.


Mostly (and some estimate as much as 97% of) ideas die in a tangle of lost energy, misguided enthusiasm, irritation about commitment, non aligned behaviour, lack of clarity around the goal, inadequate resources (people, dollars, time), competitive interests, politicking and sheer bloody exhaustion.


That’s the truth. It is happening right now and most readers (we might say all) will be able to identify people somewhere in the cycle of failure either as the initiators of a dream, or the increasingly unwilling participants in its demise.


The important part of this is it doesn’t have to happen.


Some people get it right. They find a problem, share the problem with others, develop a solution, manage their relationships effectively, develop thoughtful strategies for execution, map our realistic needs for resources, engage key stakeholders in a timely way, review progress, refine plans, and move forward towards meaningful albeit usually incremental success – a slow zigzagging but nonetheless upward path.


One World Atlast was specifically developed to capture the best lessons from successful leaders and people working towards collaborative outcomes, from around the world, about how to affect collaborative change. All too often tools like those shared in the journey are only available to people who can pay for this order of help.


One World Atlast lays out on a platter the context for collaboration, the practical tools to use and the outcome you can expect if you follow what works.


Fabian Dattner and Jim Grant (the founders of Dattner Grant), have worked with hundreds of organisations and thousands of leaders. The One World compilation captures the best of what they have developed over 17 years together. It includes shortened summaries and well trialled tools, from many experts, that genuinely help people work through purpose, values, strategy, resourcing, politics, health and sense of self.


There are hundreds of books, thousands of speakers and coaches, and bountiful TED talks on the topic – and then there is the compact, one location, one source One World Atlast – for all those people who genuinely, swiftly and simply want to work with others to achieve a shared outcome.


Go take a look.

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