who you are in the world

Choices about who you are in the world

Who you are in the world is every bit as important as what you do. In this day and age, we need more people able and willing to be present, to ‘turn up’ as they say, to help create the future we want so we don’t inherit the future we fear.

Six things that matter

1. Your past informs but does not dictate your future. You are not the sum total of your past. You are actually the result of choices you make right now (and again and again right now).

2. Despite the focus on celebrity, it is ordinary people who shape the world – in the breadth of their daily generosity or selfishness.

3. Yes, ‘someone should do something’ about the things that worry us; and of course, the someone is only and ever you, to greater or lesser extent.

4. Choices about who you are and how you live don’t have to be massive; most of our troubles are the consequence of trillions of decisions that are too often thoughtless; the solutions are often the same – trillions of small actions that are thoughtful.

5. Sometimes being kind and loving rather than smart and original does the most good.

6. Sometimes being brave and committed is best of all.


Image courtesy ofFreeDigitalPhotos.net / Stuart Miles

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