Values as the key to understanding others

It doesn’t really matter where you learn about values; what matters is understanding the price you pay for not knowing your values. Being unaware of your values can significantly limit your experience of the world and your understanding of, and ability to really connect with, the other people in it.

If you don’t know why you react to certain things, why you lie awake at night worrying about a particular thing, why you get upset about certain behaviours in others, certain practices that other people think are OK, then it is hard to manage your own behaviour, your own emotional responses. If you can’t manage your own emotional reactions, then you limit your choices; you have fewer ways to deal with life, process challenges, work with others.

Conversely, the more you are aware of the values that drive you, the more open you become to new ideas and experiences, to different people and ways of doing things. You know and value what is important to yourself, so you become more sensitive to and inclusive of what matters to others.







Post by Fabian Dattner, Author “One World AtLast” and Partner, Dattner Grant


This is an excerpt from One World At Last, page 71

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