Values and intolerance of difference

If we insist that everyone subscribes to the same fundamental beliefs and so values the same things that we do, then we not only take the colour and depth out of life, but we make it close to impossible to work with people who may differ, at least in part, from ourselves.

Our own values guide us every day and are as vital to our wellbeing as good food, exercise, water and fresh air. When our values are at odds with others’, we end up at odds with them. Values thread their way into all our arguments and frustrations with each other. They stand as much between people of the same generation as they do between different generations, cultures, geographies and religions.

If we are to shape the world we want and not inherit the world we fear, we have to be able to understand our own values and we have to learn a high degree of tolerance for those around us who are different.


Please note Values and intolerance of difference is taken from One World Atlast

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