Undoing prejudice

Have you ever fallen in love? This is the person for you. So many things in common, so easy to get along with, conversation flows comfortably, you share interests, you laugh together, and you love grandly. After the first few months, however, a couple of minor hiccups occur. Your new partner loves cricket and you simply cannot understand why. Previously you have found the game so insanely complex and so wickedly boring that you have been the one at parties to crack jokes about anyone who likes cricket. Damn, now you’ve gone and fallen in love with someone who likes it a lot. Funny as it may seem, all of a sudden you find yourself putting in the effort to learn to understand and perhaps even like the game because it is not only a demonstration of your great love, it is also another little piece to share with this new person. As you invest the effort, a curious thing begins to happen. You learn to understand the game and, as you learn to understand it, you even begin to like it. A new part of you is emerging.


Undoing prejudice  is an excerpt from Fabian Dattner’s One World AtLast (p. 169)


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