Understanding and managing fear

Fear and how we react to it is, as with many of our emotional responses, a composite of neural pathways largely laid down in our childhood. However, as adults, our entrenched fears can interfere with our ability to live full and healthy lives. Misplaced fear can stop us thinking rationally, make us compliant, silence us when we should speak out, stop us from being creative, have us behave in ways we’re not proud of and make us smaller in life than we want or need to be. When fear doesn’t stop us, when generally in life we ‘have a go’, we think differently. We don’t wait for someone else to make the change we see is needed around us. If you predict your fears, know what causes them, are prepared for them and have the support you need, then the paralysis that brings you to a halt or has you saying, “I should never have tried that in the first place”, is manageable. The important outcome is that you are committed to learning, planning and continually growing.


Understanding and managing fear  is an excerpt taken from p. 42 of One World AtLast


Image courtesy of Stuart Miles / www.freedigitalphotos.net

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