I don’t have enough time to…Exercise, read, play with my kids, finish work to the standard I’d like, have coffee with you, mow the lawn, do the washing, learn how to cook Thai.

I don’t have enough time to do the kids homework, visit my mum, plant the vegie garden, go to your party.

I don’t have enough time to talk to you right now; I don’t have enough time to make love to you now; I don’t have enough time to hold your hand because you feel freaked out.

I don’t have enough time to watch my life, to think about what I am doing, to choose to slow down, to reflect on what’s important. And then do it. That’s what many people feel.

But you do have enough time. As much as you will ever have. So ask yourself, what fear drives your busyness? Why is your life so full? Are you afraid that you will lose something if you slow down? Have you come to believe that this is just the way it is; if you can’t live your life this way, then do you believe you’ll have to go do a sea or tree change… you aren’t cut out to compete in the real world.

What if I said to you that few people are happy with the pace of life. Some people thrive but most people know something is happening that is causing us to rush, no to hurtle through life. But to what.

Maybe we need to take a collective deep breath and ask: ‘why’. Why am I, why are you, why are we living the way we are, and then at least see if doing just a little less, might be a really good way of doing a little more of what matters.


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