Like so many wonderful things I have received from Clare Bowditch, Fabian Dattner was delivered to me as a carefully packaged gift filled with wisdom and insight.

What initially drew me to Fabian’s work was that she was all about helping people make real changes in the world around them. While Fabian has worked with many large organisations she could see the value in working with smaller groups and individuals as they too had something significant to offer the world.

As is often the way when I discover new things, I was very excited when I held the book one world AT LAST in my hands for the first time and was ready to dive straight into the pages. But I restrained myself and set a steady pace, slowly absorbing the information on every page and giving myself time to apply the ideas to my life.

I am nearing the end of the book and now feel that I am ready to fly with my new business venture. This book is something that I will continually refer back to, it’s a place where I can go to re-invigorate myself and my ideas, where I can breathe deeply and take measured steps towards achieving my goals.

Thank you Fabian x

Liz Blaxell

This book engagingly and concisely pulls together some of the best tools available today for effecting collaborative change. Fabian Dattner presents a clear, easy-to-follow process that is both pragmatic and compassionate. She clearly knows how to help, has done so extensively, and she now reaches out to share her experience with the broader community.

Amy C Edmondson, Novartis Professor of Leadership and Management, Harvard Business School

You may have heard it said, “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear”. Today it’s the students who are showing up first, and doing so in droves. These are new learners and creators who no longer blindly follow the path of the past.

Yes, Hoffer said it: it’s the learners, the ones I call ‘game-changers’, who know the old game is dead and the new game is unfolding. These game-changers quickly learn how to deal with ambiguity, uncertainty and chaos. They want to be involved, have a voice and make a difference. They want to live a life that demands that all their unique talents be used up, until their final breath.

For them, the revolution is in play, though most people are unaware, or in denial, of that. Look over your shoulder and you’ll see a worldwide gathering, starting to wake and rise up to meet the opportunities they sense embedded in changing times.

In support, a good teacher is here for such people, in the form of this manifesto – written by a leader with significant experience, a deep care for people and a wealth of experience in helping effect change for the better.

As you read the collective insights offered in this book, you’ll know soon enough that you’ve found a new friend for life in Fabian – one who has committed her life to helping others improve their lives – and a powerful tool in this manifesto. The gifts of this book are wrapped up in a toolbox containing some of the best thinking, feeling and doing ‘tools’ that exist anywhere in the world today. These are offered in a simple, palatable way, for general consumption and use.

One caveat: YOU have to open the toolbox, read the directions, study the book and then begin using the tools; or, if you wish, open the toolbox, begin using the tools, and then read the directions. Your choice!

As you do this, you will rediscover the hero you’ve always been but may have forgotten or not recognised was important.

This will be crucial for all of us.

So Be It!

Larry Wilson, author of Play to win; One minute sales manager

When I was sixteen years old, I played a small role in a school production. In the foyer afterwards, a woman called Fabian came over to me and said something no stranger had ever said to me before. She said “You have something very special going on, don’t you”.

Fabian has been my informal mentor and companion on the journey ever since. The fact that I have grown up believing that it’s possible to run my own business as a creative-person is thanks in no small part to Fabian’s ability to give brilliant advice, all the time. In her presence, one feels that anything is possible, and I know I am not the only one she has had this effect on: It’s fairly universal. The thought that she has written a book passing on a little of her wisdom and charisma excites me enormously: The world could do with a lot more of Fabian.

Clare Bowditch, Awarded Best Female Artist at the 2006 ARIAs, heart-felt songwriter and social commentator

We have never had a time when learning to trust people to do the right thing has been more important. Leaders need to listen and engage with people. This is a brilliant, practical and compassionate guide for people of all walks of life to affect change collaboratively. This is the path forward.

George Land, author of Breakpoint and beyond: Mastering the future today