Stop and think tool

‘Stop and Think’ is designed to help you be more aware of what it takes to make a difference in the world and make conscious choices in your life to support this intention.

‘Stop and Think’ helps us understand that if we want to do things differently together, we often have to retrain ourselves (our brains, the way we think and feel) in order to get different outcomes. The intention is to enable you to feel more able to take greater control in your life in the way you interact with others. The outcome of this is working more effectively together.

Before you let your emotions take over …


Zip it – don’t speak, no matter how justified

Take six deep breaths

Breathe deeply, relax your shoulders, chest, stomach, unclench your hands

Look at or think about something easy/pleasant/familiar

Then think about one positive thing about the person or situation you are dealing with


Why am I reacting the way I am?

What else might be causing the other person to behave the way they are (try for 2 – 3 reasons from their model of the world)

What’s the best outcome for both of us?

What do I need to do to help in this context (not to fight or fly)?

(Have an intention to) Choose the best course of action for all parties, not just you.


‘Stop and think tool’ is an excerpt from One World AtLast pp. 174 and 176


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