Shared Purpose

Shared purpose, being in the groove with others, is the stuff of magic. When we are on fire with the same intent – to win a match, to deliver a project, to provide real help, to effect a change, to transform a garden or do something as simple as cook a meal together – nothing is sweeter. We belong; what we do adds value, we know why choices are being made, we know that our effort matters.

Purpose-filled collaboration is easy, effortless, stress-free and a whole lot of fun. When we don’t understand someone’s actions, we stop, connect, talk about the purpose, centre ourselves on common intent. It’s not rocket science. It is how are brains are wired to work. It significantly enhances our chances of success.


Shared purpose (verbatim from p. 30) One World AtLast


Image courtesy of stockimages / www.freedigitalphotos.net

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