Sameness is not a world changer

As humans working together, our similarities, which can seem to make life a lot easier, can also limit our ability to be creative, to cover all aspects of the work we want/need to because we always do what we always do. Change, for a team or function, can then feel like an unnecessary upheaval: “Aren’t we fine the way we are?”

If we are to create sustainable ways of living, we need a good mix of ways of doing things in all situations – from the big-picture thinkers (the ones who see the future, able to see patterns and threads in the way things are done, creative, imaginative, natural problem solvers), to those who pay attention to the here and now, to the details as they present themselves. Such people are good at bedding things down, at describing and managing the implementation of ideas.

Emotional intelligence is the starting point; reflecting on, observing, valuing and even enjoying how people are different (and so complementary) is critical to our collective success.







Post by Fabian Dattner, Author One World AtLast and Partner, Dattner Grant


Please note this is an excerpt from One World AtLast

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