Purpose as a guide

Imagine going out onto the bay in a sailing boat without a rudder. What would happen? What would happen if you had a rudder, but didn’t know where you wanted to go?

Imagine starting to build a house without a plan to share between the builder, electrician, plumber or landscape gardener.

Imagine sitting down in front of a canvas with a whole lot of oil colours spread on a palette, but no idea of what you wanted to paint.

Imagine coming to work with 100 other people, but not knowing the part you play in the accumulation of everyone’s effort (and unfortunately that actually happens more often than seems reasonable).

Imagine being given $1 million in funding to do something to make a difference in the world, but having no idea of what you wanted to do.

Imagine the absence of purpose (shared or otherwise) in a thousand different settings and you will immediately understand its power in the human psyche. In the words of the German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche: “When mankind has a why, he can deal with any ‘how’”.





Purpose as a guide is an excerpt from Fabian Dattner’s One World AtLast – a manifesto for the Modern Revolution, page 195.

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