Overcoming past patterns/bad habits

I come from a family that thinks exercising is what you do when you pick up your glass of good red wine and pause in heated conversation to take a sip. My mother used to think that getting red and sweaty couldn’t possibly be good for you. Some 14 years ago, I decided I was actually an athlete stuck in a couch potato’s body. I fantasised about running marathons, doing triathlons, swimming endless miles and generally competing with gay abandon. At the time of these dreams, I had trouble getting up and down our staircase quickly. My first efforts at running didn’t stop me. I learnt how to pace myself. I learnt a lot about my body and how it works best. It took patience and time. I found there were certain exercises that I loved (weightlifting) and certain things I didn’t (the swimming leg in a triathlon). But how could I have learnt this without trying? It’s all part of the adventure.


past patterns / bad habits



Overcoming past patterns/bad habits is an excerpt taken from Fabian Dattner‘s “One World AtLast – a manifesto for a Modern Revolution“, page 58.



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