adopt a 70 year old

Adopt a 70 year old – Help them learn and grow

Helping hand – by Fabian Dattner

Once upon a time, the teachers were all older than the students.  Once upon a time IF you were older, you could reasonably expect to lend a hand to someone younger, to help them do something, learn something, grow, develop skills, and generally be more able in the world.

That’s changed.

Today, a vast and significant body of knowledge is actually held magnificently in the heads of people largely aged 15 – 35.

That’s very exciting, and potentially isolating, i.e. THAT group of people hasn’t come to accept that they might have a responsibility to help everyone else learn and grow through that body of knowledge.

How have I come to be so wise about this?

Well, some five months ago, my wonderful 6’9” 34 year old director son, Kess, had a bad accident with a Robocopter (9 bladed helicopter, remotely operated, camera mounted). He mauled his right hand and required not only extensive plastic surgery, but a loving spot to be in for a while, to lick his wounds and recover.

An unexpected boon from this sojourn back at home, was that he and I have spent a lot of time together, particularly in the evenings, sitting around the kitchen table (he Mac, me iPad), or channel surfing or listening to music. As a result, I’ve had ample opportunity to slowly, progressively and without threat to my confidence ask a thousand questions about everything associated with joining the on line world.

This has happened concurrent with building One World Atlast, through our business, in partnership with a magical member of our staff, Olivia Merry (also about 33).

So, I had motivation and meaningful relevant immediate help.

Today, I can confidently say, I’ve joined the on line world.

I hope people continue to help me learn and grow, in areas where I don’t feel safe in my knowing.

And I promise, I will be a good student, as much as I continue to focus on being a good teacher myself. I am both; as I realise today we all are.

By the way, I’m not 70, but it’s a lot nearer than it used to be.



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