fuel for your soul

Fuel for your soul

Curiously, while we are told good news doesn’t sell papers, it makes our lives infinitely more possible. Good news functions to our spirit the way oxygen functions in blood. Vital for coping, essential for helping us overcome adversity. Good personal stories are like deposits in a bank. In their absence, the bad news can put us into such emotional debt with ourselves that we risk emotional bankruptcy. Good personal stories are the stuff we turn to in times of doubt and difficulty; they remind us that we are worthwhile, that we can achieve, we can win through, we are OK. If, however, we never stop to look after these stories, polish and acknowledge them, then in our time of need, they can seem amazingly tricky to find.


Fuel for your soul is an excerpt from One World AtLast – a manifesto for the modern revolution written by Fabian Dattner (p. 115)

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