Five points about purpose

1. You are not born knowing what it is you are meant to do. It is a journey of discovery.

2. Having a purpose that gives meaning to your life simply makes the choices in the present much easier.

3. You are not born knowing what to do. But, if you explore, as all children do naturally, your preferences, likes and dislikes begin to emerge. Exploration is the key to learning, learning builds knowledge, knowledge is the fuel of purpose.

4. Sharing a purpose with others is inspiring. It brings out the best in human behaviour.

5. Creating shared purpose takes time. If we take time to ensure everyone is on board with the purpose, then when you shift to action it is relatively seamless, it happens faster, with less hassle.


This is an excerpt from One World AtLast – A Manifesto for the Modern Revolution written by Fabian Dattner


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