Expanding the worldview

If you are truly afraid of something, you begin to behave as if that something exists. As you behave as if that something exists, you select, from the data around you, incidents that reinforce your fear or belief. Incoming information that affirms your belief becomes your truth. Information that could challenge your truth doesn’t get through. There are many examples today of closed ideologies being challenged by young people around the world. Their voice, fuelled by the speed of communication available through various social media forums, is challenging an old worldview that was based on coercive, autocratic, dictatorial, and deeply divisive and intimidating leaders and their entrenched regimes. However, the challenge (and we will watch this evolve in the next decade) is to not replace them with other dogmatic leaders and other exclusive ways of seeing the world.

The challenge before each of us now is this: Even though we may not personally play on a global scale, the real change in our world starts with an endless number of small actions that we are perfectly capable of contributing towards. It begins with a genuine understanding of what it means to take responsibility and why, to think carefully about the way we behave with people (from those closest to us, to strangers in shops and on freeways).

If we choose to respond to people so that the best is generated, then we can all prosper.


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