Emotions as world-changers

Emotions as world-changers (taken from One World AtLast pp. 162-3)

Emotions, in all their glory, are common to all human beings, irrespective of culture, geography, age, gender, etc. Some common emotions are anger, sadness, surprise, joy and fear. So, it isn’t whether or not we have emotions that is the challenge, but rather whether we rule our emotions, or our emotions rule us.

Your emotional self, managed by you, expressed into the world, is in many ways the source of both your power and your wisdom in terms of creating the world you want. It is the part others respond to, are engaged with and influenced by, both positively and negatively. If you are aware, and seek to influence positively, then people around you will respond accordingly. If, either deliberately or naively, your influence is negative, then the consequences will always be counterproductive.


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