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Emotional management: Early cues

Emotional management: Early cues (excerpt from One World AtLast p. 173)

Being in control of emotions is largely about practice. Have an intention not to ‘vomit’ your emotions on others. Here is a simple way to practice ‘getting in control’.

The trick to this is to pay attention to the earliest possible cues (not what you think, but what you feel in your body) that tell you (if you are paying attention) that you are about to ‘lose it’ (whatever that might mean to you – getting angry or checking out, for instance). Everyone will experience early physiological signs (the earlier, the better) including, but not limited to:

  • Clenched stomach
  • Going cold/hot
  • Literally not seeing (everything goes out of focus)
  • Seeing red (although this might be a bit late!)
  • Tunnel vision (can’t see anything except a pin-point of attention)
  • Fingers/hands get pins and needles
  • Heart races
  • Tension in shoulders
  • Tension in head/headache
  • Can’t breathe properly
  • Suddenly feeling nauseous

If you pay attention, you will learn to identify which of these signals warns you about losing your cool. The sooner you identify this, the easier it gets to manage emotions.


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