consequence of fear

The consequences of fear

We have allowed ourselves to become too scared to try something new, too afraid of the consequences of losing, too anxious about what others might think of us or too concerned about what might be at risk. Do you know the feeling?

In essence, there is nothing wrong with fear. Fear is a great motivator; it warns us of potentially threatening situations – for ourselves and those close to us. Without it, we wouldn’t live long.

There is a problem, however, if fear based on the stories we tell ourselves stops us from doing something we really want and could do. Fear spirals us into negative thinking and we become suspicious of other people’s intentions, filter others’ actions through our fear and so may misread them. As a result of what we see and feel is happening, we may change our own behaviour (become negative) and, in turn, become a problem ourselves. Fear (and our world has a lot of it at this time) makes us all a little smaller. We are less tolerant of difference, more defensive, less inclusive, less understanding, more anxious and more judgemental.

The effective Modern Revolutionary has to face this one head-on.


The consequences of fear is an excerpt from One World AtLast p. 109.


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