It seems we often spend an inordinate amount of our time arguing with one another and not listening properly. In an argument or raw debate, one person assumes that the other is wrong and believes the best way to prove this point is to continue to shove their opinion down the other’s throat (and vice versa). You see it in families, around dinner tables, in meetings, in public gatherings – the person who is loudest or most senior gets their ‘data’ across more frequently. We don’t really listen to one another, to what lies behind the ‘facts’. We have come to believe that facts are enough and that, if we don’t agree, it is because your ‘facts’ are simply wrong, or you don’t have enough ‘facts’ to have reached my conclusion, which is, after all, the right one. We have often-superficial conversations that are about win/lose rather than discovering something more than either of us were presenting in the first place.

Excerpt from p. 135 – One World AtLast

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Post by Fabian Dattner, Author “One World AtLast” and Partner, Dattner Grant

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