Undoing prejudice

March 3, 2015

Have you ever fallen in love? This is the person for you. So many things in common, so easy to get along with, conversation flows comfortably, you share interests, you laugh together, and you love grandly. After the first few months, however, a couple of minor hiccups occur. Your new partner loves cricket and you…

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The Pyramids and the power of purpose

February 17, 2015

The pyramids of Egypt are amongst the largest constructions ever built. They represent one of the most potent and enduring symbols of Ancient Egyptian civilisation. Imagine a pharaoh, waking up one morning in his tent and calling for his key ministers to attend him. Together they are seated on a massive Persian rug. He clicks…

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Purpose tool: The five why’s

January 13, 2015

Articulate the apparent purpose in your life, or the purpose for a team you’re part of. 1. Ask ‘Why am I/are we doing this?’ List the answers Identify a theme 2. Ask ‘Why am I/are we doing this?’ four more times, repeating the process. 3. Explore where you end up. This is likely to be…

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purpose of money

The purpose of money

November 25, 2014

Making money for yourself, for a family, for a community, for a business or for a nation is, in this day and age, in the absence of an alternative agreed bargaining process, the lubricant of our daily lives. It is not, however, the purpose for life, though it has sadly morphed into that for many…

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Shared Purpose

October 14, 2014

Shared purpose, being in the groove with others, is the stuff of magic. When we are on fire with the same intent – to win a match, to deliver a project, to provide real help, to effect a change, to transform a garden or do something as simple as cook a meal together – nothing…

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purpose values

Purpose and values together

September 23, 2014

The clarity with which we understand our values and the depth of feeling we have about them is reflected in the energy we will have to follow through with things we want to achieve in life. The more focussed we are on what is important to us – what we value – the higher the…

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Purpose as a guide

September 9, 2014

Imagine going out onto the bay in a sailing boat without a rudder. What would happen? What would happen if you had a rudder, but didn’t know where you wanted to go? Imagine starting to build a house without a plan to share between the builder, electrician, plumber or landscape gardener. Imagine sitting down in…

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Not yet on purpose? Don’t stress

September 2, 2014

Not yet on purpose? Don’t stress (verbatim from p. 29, One World AtLast) If you are not clear about your purpose in life, relax. Then, create a steady platform for yourself (i.e. a job that’s relatively easy) and use this to provide security while you experiment with life. You give yourself time to try other…

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Five points about purpose

July 14, 2014

1. You are not born knowing what it is you are meant to do. It is a journey of discovery. 2. Having a purpose that gives meaning to your life simply makes the choices in the present much easier. 3. You are not born knowing what to do. But, if you explore, as all children…

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About values

April 8, 2014

Please note this is an excerpt from One World AtLast A value is a deeply-held belief about something that has meaning to you. Whether you are consciously aware of your values or not, they still guide your actions. If you are consciously aware of them, values help you recognise why you are aligned to some…

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darts, things don't work when

Things don’t work when you’re doing the wrong thing

August 21, 2013

By Fabian Dattner I’ve got angry at a range of things I was doggedly doing that didn’t work; a key that wouldn’t open a door (wrong key), sending repeated text messages to someone and being irritated that they didn’t respond (wrong number), wondering why my iPad wasn’t charging (connected to my computer by my phone…

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The path to purpose

February 15, 2013

It’s a beautiful day outside. The sun is shining, a soft breeze rustles the trees I can see through my office window. In the last 48 hours I haven’t looked much. I’ve had meetings, phone calls, pressing deadlines, conversations getting coffee, unexpected submissions to write, exercise, food, family and sleep. Hmm. Busyness. The trap of.…

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globe, the reality of collaboration

What we should be talking about – The reality of collaboration

February 12, 2013

There were seventy women in the room. It was a wet but mild summer’s evening in Hobart, Tasmania. I’d describe the audience as mixed; from 20 to 60 year olds, from university students to directors, from not for profit to corporate, from small business to large bureaucracy. All women, bar one Organisational Development Coordinator from…

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