Undoing prejudice

March 3, 2015

Have you ever fallen in love? This is the person for you. So many things in common, so easy to get along with, conversation flows comfortably, you share interests, you laugh together, and you love grandly. After the first few months, however, a couple of minor hiccups occur. Your new partner loves cricket and you…

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The Pyramids and the power of purpose

February 17, 2015

The pyramids of Egypt are amongst the largest constructions ever built. They represent one of the most potent and enduring symbols of Ancient Egyptian civilisation. Imagine a pharaoh, waking up one morning in his tent and calling for his key ministers to attend him. Together they are seated on a massive Persian rug. He clicks…

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Understanding and managing fear

February 3, 2015

Fear and how we react to it is, as with many of our emotional responses, a composite of neural pathways largely laid down in our childhood. However, as adults, our entrenched fears can interfere with our ability to live full and healthy lives. Misplaced fear can stop us thinking rationally, make us compliant, silence us…

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consequence of fear

The consequences of fear

November 18, 2014

We have allowed ourselves to become too scared to try something new, too afraid of the consequences of losing, too anxious about what others might think of us or too concerned about what might be at risk. Do you know the feeling? In essence, there is nothing wrong with fear. Fear is a great motivator;…

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The beauty of difference

November 4, 2014

Over time, I have come to love greatly the diversity expressed in values, and to nurture it. A very dear friend of mine, his wife and my husband, have had a couple of fantastic motorbike holidays together. For Joe, my friend, order and planning were what made the holiday. By the same token, his wife,…

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Tank up before burning out

October 21, 2014

If inaction, for fear of the magnitude of the problem, is the chosen course of some people (e.g. ‘How could my not using recycled toilet paper ever make a difference?’), the alternative is thinking you are alone in solving the problems of the planet. As a consequence of the latter, we are burning out, overworking,…

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passion and courage

Passion and courage as keys to change

August 18, 2014

(French) COEUR (heart) + RAGE (rage) = Rage of the heart. Courage as rage of the heart, and passion as an intense enthusiasm for something, are the rocket-fuel for change. We live in a time when complacency is common practice, when fear has diminished our responsibility to one another. If you want to take a…

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Overcoming past patterns/bad habits

August 11, 2014

I come from a family that thinks exercising is what you do when you pick up your glass of good red wine and pause in heated conversation to take a sip. My mother used to think that getting red and sweaty couldn’t possibly be good for you. Some 14 years ago, I decided I was…

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effecting positive change

Effecting positive change

June 11, 2014

Effecting positive change excerpt from One World AtLast p. 12 You can never know when an action you take will be the one that turns the tide. What we do in life can sometimes feel relatively small or insignificant, but it rarely is. You can take responsibility for acts that are within your ability. Most,…

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Sameness is not a world changer

May 5, 2014

As humans working together, our similarities, which can seem to make life a lot easier, can also limit our ability to be creative, to cover all aspects of the work we want/need to because we always do what we always do. Change, for a team or function, can then feel like an unnecessary upheaval: “Aren’t…

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Change and transition phases

April 29, 2014

A river metaphor serves us well in understanding the journey of change. On land we can see where we are going, have a sense of the ‘lay of the land’, the ground under our feet, a horizon towards which we are walking. We are land animals able to think about the impact of the weather…

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A climate for change

April 1, 2014

Please note this is an excerpt from One World AtLast The change-agent is seeking to create an environment and a climate where it is easy to commit to change. If you have been successful in doing this, then it should be apparent that people are looking at ways to deal locally with complex issues, they…

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clogs, learn how to collaborate

8 Tips to help you learn how to collaborate

January 28, 2014

One World Atlast has been two years in the making, and is based on nearly 60 years of expertise working with leaders in all walks of life to affect collaborative change. The first thing I would say to you all is that great ideas are not so uncommon, working with others to ensure they come…

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January 7, 2014

I don’t have enough time to…Exercise, read, play with my kids, finish work to the standard I’d like, have coffee with you, mow the lawn, do the washing, learn how to cook Thai. I don’t have enough time to do the kids homework, visit my mum, plant the vegie garden, go to your party. I…

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short vs long term

Short vs Long Term

December 3, 2013

It seems to me that a lot of what we do in the modern world is increasingly short term. What we buy, sell, eat, what we watch, read and listen to. What we share, think is funny or entertaining, what engages our imagination and attention. It’s often incredibly short term. I work with leaders and…

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hands, people power

People Power

October 2, 2013

I, like many people, feel that politicians and very senior business people are too slow to act. They juggle a complexity of stakeholders with much invested in retaining the status quo. I understand the fear of change on this scale; whole industries are likely to cease to exist. Following the global financial crisis, we have…

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Expanding the worldview

September 26, 2013

If you are truly afraid of something, you begin to behave as if that something exists. As you behave as if that something exists, you select, from the data around you, incidents that reinforce your fear or belief. Incoming information that affirms your belief becomes your truth. Information that could challenge your truth doesn’t get…

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