The beauty of difference

Over time, I have come to love greatly the diversity expressed in values, and to nurture it. A very dear friend of mine, his wife and my husband, have had a couple of fantastic motorbike holidays together. For Joe, my friend, order and planning were what made the holiday. By the same token, his wife, my husband and I all like to keep the door to possibility open on holidays. In the early days, these differences were a source of tension. Now, with real understanding of what we value, they are a source of entertainment and inspiration. Now my friend plans, but just doesn’t tell us anything. That way, we arrive at a location, which is out of the blue for three of us, and one of us feels that the universe has order. When it’s pouring with rain, we usually get the right hotel because he’s made the reservation, but we frequently find things along the way that he couldn’t plan for because we don’t always go the route he maps out.


The beauty of difference is an excerpt from One World AtLast (p. 89)


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