About Fabian Dattner

Fabian Dattner
Fabian Dattner is a speaker, writer, ethicist and leadership expert.

She is well known to many Australians and is the founding partner of Dattner Group. Fabian has worked with hundreds of companies in many different parts of the world, and mentored leaders in government, corporate, educational and not-for-profit. She runs a well known public program called Compass, for women thinking of or in leadership roles.

Fabian has been acknowledged in many different contexts for her contribution and is a regular commentator in the media. She has also penned three books on leadership and has been included in many others.

Fabian Dattner is down to earth, funny, compassionate, and deeply connected to ordinary people everywhere. She is driven by her own sense of place, embodied in Dattner Group’s purpose of Amplifying emerging voices.

She has numerous qualifications and accreditations and she is experienced at making these accessible and inspiring for people from all walks of life.

Dattner Group is a unique consultancy whose purpose is amplifying emerging voices. Highly experienced senior leaders in Dattner Group help leaders and staff in an immense range of organisations, all over the world, to affect sustainable, collaborative, visionary, values rich change. Dattner Group facilitators/coaches are astute change and development specialists with a wealth of experience in building emotional resilience and business acumen. The company has the world’s only instrument for measuring business acumen (the business acumen gauge).

Please visit the Dattner Group site for the range of products and services Dattner Group provides, including:

  • Set up of new ventures
  • Development of purpose, values and strategy in new ventures, teams and organisations
  • Leadership development
  • Executive processes (recruitment, alignment)
  • Board reviews
  • Book and articles
  • Organisational values alignment
  • Cultural auditing
  • Compass – a program for Women as Leaders


Contributor – Adam Smith

0acb4a6Adam Smith has been instrumental in developing the One World AtLast Journey with Fabian Dattner, as our resident Education Expert. On the Journey you will get to know Adam through the coaching clips that are instrumental to your growth.

Adam is an expert commentator and consultant specializing in partnership development and network building in and around schools. Adam is a Board Member of the Public Education Foundation, the Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER), and regular Education Analyst for Channel 10’s ‘The Project’.

As former CEO of the Foundation for Young Australians and Education Foundation Australia, Adam has a background in non-profit leadership and has personally generated significant philanthropic and corporate investment in public schools. Adam is passionate about promoting equity and excellence in all schools and encouraging additional philanthropic support of school education.

Adam has worked extensively in the United States, the Middle East and Europe and is a regular guest at the annual World Innovation Summit for Education (WISE). In 2009 Adam was named Young Executive of the Year by BOSS Magazine.