A climate for change

Please note this is an excerpt from One World AtLast

The change-agent is seeking to create an environment and a climate where it is easy to commit to change. If you have been successful in doing this, then it should be apparent that people are looking at ways to deal locally with complex issues, they think about what they can do rather than what they can’t do, they have an evident sense of shared responsibility, they actively seek out ways to make whatever needs to happen, happen, and they act as advocates both within the stakeholder group and without.

If change is managed well, then people actually come along for the ride willingly. If it is thrust down our throats, or we are judged or made to feel inadequate or are poorly prepared for change, then we can find ourselves in the Belly of the Dragon, where expectations have been raised, but we are not prepared for it. Now we feel incompetent and disempowered. Is it any wonder, then, that ideas for changing our world, which seem breathtakingly obvious to some, still don’t happen?

good lifePost by Fabian Dattner, Partner

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