Change and transition phases

April 29, 2014

A river metaphor serves us well in understanding the journey of change. On land we can see where we are going, have a sense of the ‘lay of the land’, the ground under our feet, a horizon towards which we are walking. We are land animals able to think about the impact of the weather…

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Challenges and benefits of working with others

April 22, 2014

There are many challenges in working with diverse stakeholders. Their very diversity represents both a strength and also a real and valid challenge. In pursuing a purpose, you may be dealing with people who not only share very different values (so articulating your shared values is crucial – and if you don’t have any, then…

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Buying into the myth of the ‘good life’

April 15, 2014

Please note this is an excerpt from One World AtLast There is something genuinely strange about the way we respond to the spin on things that are meant to make us happy – endless amounts of money, a diet that will produce a body to die for, a life of leisure, phenomenal success at work,…

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About values

April 8, 2014

Please note this is an excerpt from One World AtLast A value is a deeply-held belief about something that has meaning to you. Whether you are consciously aware of your values or not, they still guide your actions. If you are consciously aware of them, values help you recognise why you are aligned to some…

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A climate for change

April 1, 2014

Please note this is an excerpt from One World AtLast The change-agent is seeking to create an environment and a climate where it is easy to commit to change. If you have been successful in doing this, then it should be apparent that people are looking at ways to deal locally with complex issues, they…

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