darts, things don't work when

Things don’t work when you’re doing the wrong thing

August 21, 2013

By Fabian Dattner I’ve got angry at a range of things I was doggedly doing that didn’t work; a key that wouldn’t open a door (wrong key), sending repeated text messages to someone and being irritated that they didn’t respond (wrong number), wondering why my iPad wasn’t charging (connected to my computer by my phone…

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adopt a 70 year old

Adopt a 70 year old – Help them learn and grow

August 13, 2013

Helping hand – by Fabian Dattner Once upon a time, the teachers were all older than the students.  Once upon a time IF you were older, you could reasonably expect to lend a hand to someone younger, to help them do something, learn something, grow, develop skills, and generally be more able in the world.…

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